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Oct 8, 2012 8:00pm PDT
one on jefferson. october 1st at a home was burglarized on clinton street. this was october 4th. tracking crime, grant lotus, kron 4. >> a california judge has granted a request to ... delay pg&e. negotiations on fines against pg&e will be held behind closed doors toward a some women, cherry hill and a news conference will be on october 15th to fight the suspension of these hearings. they want to keep these public. >> and anti-afghanistan turned out to be a crime spree at frank ogawa plaza. security was tight tonight as the cleanup effort was under way. repairing shattered glass and doors damaged during the protesters. on the plaza earlier some oakland residents voiced their poorefrustration. -- >> when i see that they are just going to bash the windows. it is just another san francisco. 20 people were arrested. >> california's top financial officer that this was a $20,000 settlement with the company that sells and of life insurance policy. this settlement comes after a 2008 audit. this company was failing to pay death benefits even though there have access to the funeral recore
Oct 6, 2012 8:00pm PDT
as rickey henderson in 1989. coco crisp. clinton. hitting the first base could not handle it and the tigers' lead to-1. the bottom of the fifth inning. with a solo shot to the left. and this triple. he is one of five of the rookie starters for the oakland athletics. with two runs, five strikeouts theft did get some help from his teammates and just barely in the territory. other than that, vernlander and josh donald said also looking just 11 pitches that he needed. with 11 strikeouts for the game. the a's pitcher with an emotional outing. he began this with this seventh inning. and attacked it on his right arm. they are honoring his son at that died wednesday just 23born. they are saying tht baseball and his teammates will help the healing process. and the top days, 3-1, detroit, with a runner on first and with a could tie it! but it is just a warning and he just missed it, tigers closed it. and with the crist to the right, chris to be left and if you are a good pitcher. you could get away with it. other than this strike out, three-one = final score. they had a triple crown winner. and >> he
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2